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Witchcraft to

The power of Jesus Christ is restoring lives worldwide through her story of rescue from new age & witchcraft!

Naja Alston

What People Are Saying......

"I’ve been where you were because of generational witchcraft and I’m so happy for the deliverance of Christ and his word!"- Jewel Talks Tv



Deliverance, Christian life coaching and
speaking engagements 


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Our mission is to create products that bring attention and praise to our Lord Jesus Christ! In any and everything we should acknowledge and represent him. Our goal is to share the vision of Christ with the world through creating products that will suggest a focus on how we can live more like Christ and be an example and helping hand to others.

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Get Christian Life Coaching

With a focus on being set free from relationship struggles, addiction, New Age/New thought theology and all forms of witchcraft. & occult practices.
Book an initial consultation, group coaching session or 1 on 1 sessions with plans to help you develop a relationship with God!

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