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My Story

Naja is an established vessel of Christ Jesus who is dedicated to her prophetic ministry led on Youtube with weekly videos teaching what the traditional church denies. She helps thousands all over the world struggling in the area of spiritual warfare and in need of deliverance from demonic oppression. She believes in the teachings of Jesus related to the fivefold ministry which recognizes the Teacher, Apostles, Prophet, Evangelist, and Pastors.


After being rescued from the new age/ new thought movement filled with practices of idolatry, witchcraft and the occult, her life has been totally surrendered to the work of the Kingdom of God and bringing others to the body of Christ. Ordained as an Evangelist in early 2022, has pushed her even further into her purpose, although the role of Evangelist had already been established since 2020. Her personal testimony is now over 300k views and soon to be aired on the 700 club to share worldwide in hopes of spreading truth regarding the deception of satan that’s currently rapidly gaining popularity.



"Naja's willingness to share her story literally helped save my life & see the truth about witchcraft & new age"- Kamaya

What People Are Saying



Deliverance, Christian coaching and speaking engagements 

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