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Long before any of us can remember, witches and occult practices existed. In that time, many were killed for practicing the arts of witchcraft. Church has never provided the reasons we should stay away and why it was an abomination in depth. Would it keep me from going to heaven? Would I have a demon?

Unless you lived it, many didn't understand the spiritual dangers associated with connecting to the spirit realm nor were we then or even now prepared to recognize the signs and devises of satan.

We hear satan disguises as light but what does that truly look like?

In this read, hear the true reality of Naja's story, who was deceived by satan himself into practicing witchcraft and how she escaped demonic attacks.

Now, Naja's a living witness devoted to shedding light on satan's plans to destroy the masses. Hosea 4:6, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." It is now Naja's goal to provide that knowledge to keep many from perishing due to ignorance.


From Witchcraft to Righteousness

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